About Us

About Jigsaw

We believe that no one should be paying more than necessary for any financial product - especially their mortgage!

For many people, financial planning can feel like a complicated, not very interesting puzzle. At Jigsaw we are committed to working closely with you so we can understand your needs, simplify the process and find perfect financial products that fit your budget.

The process

Let's make this as easy as possible. Would it help if we came to see you? We are happy to sit down with you whenever and wherever is most convenient, including evenings and weekends.

Once we understand you, your current position and where you want to get to, we'll do some research and build you a bespoke package that works for you and your family. It might simply be a mortgage or it could include life and illness insurances, protection for your income and buildings and contents insurance. So, should the worst happen to you or a family member, you are covered, taking away the financial stress, all for a price that suits your budget.


Insurance advice is free, but we charge for mortgage advice. Prices vary, but we know that’s a worrying term, so we’ll always be clear and up front about any costs before moving forward.

Committed to Service

We know that day-to-day life can get in the way of the bigger picture. We'll take time to understand your vision for the future, whether it's buying your first home, paying your mortgage off early, using equity to build that dream conservatory or becoming a landlord with buy-to-let properties. Let's see what is possible when we are on your side.



First time buyers

Being a first-time buyer can be a daunting process, so here at Jigsaw we'll take the stress out of it. We can help find the right property, source the most suitable mortgage and then liaise with solicitors and associated parties. 

We'll give you updates, where necessary along the process leaving you to pick out the new paint and furniture before getting the keys to your new home. 



If you are already on your lenders Standard Variable Rate (SVR) or coming to the end of a fixed term, it's likely you will benefit hugely from re-mortgaging. 

You could release some equity from your property for home improvements, to pay your mortgage off sooner or make the monthly payments less. 

We will source from a comprehensive range of mortgages to find one that suits you, your current situation and future plans.


Managing Debt

Do you have large amounts of short-term debt that is becoming unmanageable? It may be possible to cut down your monthly outgoings by releasing equity in your property. 


Buildings and Contents Insurance

Insurance matters, especially when it's protecting your most valuable asset, your home. 

Have the peace of mind knowing that should you need to claim on your home insurance that it was set up correctly. This is for the correct amounts, items and accepted by your mortgage lender.

Here at Jigsaw it is not a 'off the shelf' package but a tailored policy to suit you, your property and your possessions.


Protection and Insurance

 The bit that no one likes to talk about! The "what if".....

  • Cancer or illness cover
  • Death cover
  • Income protection 
  • Unemployment cover  

If you were to die right now or be diagnosed with a serious illness and need time off work would you and your family cope financially? Would the bills still get paid?

Take the financial stress away at such a difficult time and have the right cover for yourself and your family.


What are you waiting for?

Get in contact today for a free consultation.

We are available for home visits to discuss your financial needs in the comfort of your own home.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.

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